Carnival Projects


Theme for 2018 

The Pride of Simba


Touring & Events – In 2010 JCAP as part of CAD-net tour programme expanded to include performances at Luton Carnival, St. Pauls Carnival in Bristol, performing at the Grand Carnival Splash at Alexandra Palace, Hackney One Carnival and the Notting Hill Carnival parade. The Carnival Arts Development Network and Carnival Arts Development Network (CAD-Net) is a group of four carnival Bands started collaboration in 2004, presenting their costumes together at the Notting Hill Carnival. The members of CAD-net are Jamboulay Carnival Arts, Glorious Back-stage arts, Barbados Carnival committee and Fusion Carnival Arts. The groups had different themes but the collaboration worked  well, reducing the financial burden whilst discovering that radically different  costume styles could complement each other. The collaboration worked well and each band was able to develop their art form for various events and carnival arts projects.

Exhibitions & Work-shops
As part of the Carnival Development Arts Network (CAD-net) Jamboulay organised and delivered costume master classes, hosted small exhibitions of its recent works and performances. In addition we have extended various programmes of workshops to providing training and development in sewing, costume making, Arts administration and marketing. We also run a series of dance classes leading up to Notting hill & Hackney Carnival. The Group has facilitated young people and adults in developing carnival skills while enhancing their career potentials eg:

  •  2018 – 2019 Costume work-shops for Work-experience and volunteer development – Movement and drama work-shops for Carnival and Black History Month.
  • 2016- 2017 Carnival Arts Dance Classes for youths At the Old Fire Station (OFS) Leswin Road N16 &NX
  • 2014 – Developing carnival arts at The Edge Youth hub in Woodberry downs Hackney 
  • 2010 – Apprenticeship training from New Deal of the Mind project  Youths age 18 to 24
  • 2009 – NCFE accredited level 2 Certificate in Event stewarding for local young people 

Jamboulay has continuously engaged new audiences by exhibiting images and large costume structures at Islington Arts Factory, the Eastern curve gardens and the 2012 Olympic Torch parade in Hackney.



  • Theme 2016…. ‘Once upon a Carnival’ – A story of West African folk- lore. The theme highlighted the myths of Anancy spider which is well known to many in the Carribbean where the Slaves took their own stories with them.