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Theme for 2018 – The Pride of Simba  

London Notting Hill Carnival
Sunday is a day designed for children / teens and families, with Bank Holiday Monday traditionally aimed at adult masqueraders. Avoid the crowds as we take participants in a Coach / bus to and from our mass-camp (studio) in Hackney to experience being part of high profile carnival costume parades.

REGISTER HERE to take part with our Masquerade Band at Notting Hill Carnival. We will contact you to confirm details / availability.

2017 Costume - Sunrise Sunset

Theme for 2018 – The Pride of Simba

Jamboulay Carnival 2013

Registration fees & Costume

Costume Fees –  Children 5 – 15 yrs £35 – £40 / 16 – 19yrs £60
Adults: £50- £75 – £100 – Combo Pack 

T’ Shirt pack £30
T-shirt supporters – £25 (Limited to volunteers & Stewards only)
we will contact you to confirm availability of the options selected